Breakachy is correctly that part of the glen starting under the shoulder of Farley rolling westwards to the farms of Tighnaleac, Culour, Ardochy, Loghouse, Wester Cruenassie and Cruenassie then back along the road to Teagait. The new houses of Blue Bell and Waterfurrows now sit loosely within these parameters. However for the sake of this history we have included the farm at Cluanie and encompass Teanassie Lodge, the School and School House, and the new houses of Burnside, Red Kite Lodge. Urchany and Darach Brae. There are remains of old crofts and steadings such as Yellowbrook and Millbrook around but the preference has been for new builds with no less than seven such buildings over the last twenty years and one proposed. Four of the old houses have been much extended and improved with three others modernised and one retains very much the original but cosy aspect. The School House also remains fairly original although plumbing certainly much improved. In the 1880’s it was recorded that there were no less than twenty five houses in the Glen. Now, including Teanassie Lodge and those around the School we are up to some fifteen houses although no doubt a lot grander to those of an earlier century.

We do have available an 1873 digitised map of the area for those that are interested, but at 548mb it is a bit large to make available on this site.


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  1. Hi i am the crofter at Ardochy, I am also doing my family tree and would be very interested in your map. I am related to the Chisholm’s that lived at Yellowbrook and the Macrae’s at Ardochy.

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